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When holistic nutritionist, Leanne Vogel asked me to do a review on what I have experienced by omitting dairy from my diet , I was all over it. I was diagnosed with chronic sinusitis 10 years ago and it has been the bane of my existence ever since. Countless sinus infections that would knock me on my ass for days and I was always stuffed up and phlegmy, all day long – gross. I tried medications, nasal sprays, cold compresses, hot compresses, steam, standing on head in a chlorinated pool; you name it, I tried it. Nothing
worked. Leanne suggested that I cut out dairy when I advised her of my woes. “All dairy?” I whined. “Yes Shelby, all dairy. Even ice cream.” I pouted, she patted me on the head and I promised I would give it a go. I didn’t consume much dairy to be begin with but I replaced the skim milk with almond or coconut milk, I stopped eating yogurt, avoided cheese and whimpered every time I walked by the freezer at the grocery, the large ICE CREAM sign mocking me as I passed.My meals were all dairy free and I made them all from Leanne’s
recipes from her site.  I used alternates to dairy and my meals were amazing.

Within hours of omitting dairy from my daily routine, I noticed a difference. Within HOURS. The constant sniffling and build-up of disgusting phlegm was gone. I no longer felt like I was walking around with a never ending sinus infection. The few blemishes I had on my face disappeared within a couple days and I didn’t feel or looked bloated. I didn’t realize I was bloated to begin with, I just thought I needed to add a few more planks to my workouts.

The most obvious indication of the effects dairy was having on me was when I broke down in front of the freezer at Safeway. Those bastards, Ben & Jerry taunting me through the glass. I grabbed a pint, ran through self-service and motored home, tearing off the lid and licking it before I even made it inside my condo. I was in pure heaven, sinisterly laughing knowing Leanne had no idea I was chowing down on Chunky Monkey. Well, the laughter changed to moans and sniffles 10 minutes after I licked the spoon. Immediately my sinuses erupted with phlegm, I was bloated and getting stomach cramps. I cursed Ben and Jerry and threw the rest of the ice cream away.

Now, do I still eat ice cream? Yes, of course! D’uh. It is however the only dairy I consume, along with the odd cheese pizza, but I always have Kleenex on hand when I do.

For more information on Leanne and how you can feel better almost instantly by cutting out dairy, check out her blog:

Healthful Pursuit


Written by

Shelby Douglas

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  1. Aw, you’re too sweet… and I love the little cow picture. Oh my goodness!

  2. Taunya says:

    That is amazing! Glad you found out what will help your sinus issues. I love Leanne’s blog too. :)

  3. George says:

    Great content here, I learned at the same time of being entertained, great read!

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